Starfinder RPG: Alien Evolution - Cosmic Race Guidebook

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Join Them in The Stars!

Alien Evolutions is a line of books intended to bring outlandish alien creatures to life in your game. Each book will explore myriad topics regarding creatures from distant planets, whether that be playable races, monsters to encounter, world descriptions, or various other things related.

The Cosmic Race Guidebook is a book intended to give the GM and players 25 new playable races with unique physiologies and abilities. Creatures from the aerial Abrial to the free-floating-nervous- system-encased-in-armor Uavaryon should present something enticing for anyone to play. Take a look inside at the colorful, comic-inspired creatures!

Abrial Haughty winged humanoids that boast superiority over the skies and space.
Argenex Three-eyed warlords that roam the universe in search for new and exciting conquests.
Belrop A density shifting species that makes its home between a black hole and a white hole.
Choqua A tough avian race that fights to avoid becoming dinner for other species.
Chukulak A race of parasitic slavers that combine hedonism with a disregard for waste.
Cilderon Small metallic beings that can dampen magic around them and speak in musical tones.
Cruonseri An honorable but warlike mercenary race that values battle as one of their greatest traditions.
Draykon A powerful and charismatic race that claims to be evolved from dragons.
Evern A race of athletes who also have quite a minor knack for gambling and business.
Flelsh Mysterious sluglike beings that closely guard the secrets of their homeworld.
Fyr Plasma beings that claim to be the oldest life in the universe!
Invectron Undead creatures that strive to help others and do good deeds wherever they go.
Mrok Skilled crafters who find beauty and creating new and exciting technologies.
Nogard Proud humanoids that love frills but are quick to anger at any perceived slights.
Ogtara Cunning scoundrels that have no home planet but make themselves indispensable with their secrets.
Ohahn Crystalline beings that protect those too weak to help themselves.
Pendar A half-angelic race that righteously fights evil and injustices throughout the cosmos.
Pexpin A hive-mind of living flames with close ties to the Plane of Fire.
Plewd Ultracapitalist traders that use their telepathy and charm to gain an edge in all things.
Qrp An arthropod race that blends technology and magic flawlessly together.
Sarn Incredibly intelligent humanoids that are reliant on a useful, but off-putting cybernetic frame.
Schizovores Constructs that broke free from their masters and want to spread liberty across the universe.
Shogran Humanoids guided by tradition and who wear the bones of their ancestors at all times
Tordax Small, yet surprisingly powerful humanoids that can affect minds with their hums... and their shouts.
Uavaryon Beings locked into an exoskeleton who can freely rotate each of their appendages at will.

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