About Us

The Gaming Guild is a place founded by and for game enthusiasts. Our mission is to create a community within our store where people can play, buy, sell, or trade games and socialize with other people who share their love of gaming. We specialize in tabletop games of all kinds, including headliners such as Magic the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, RPG mini's, miniature paints and tools, Warhammer, and X-Wing Miniatures along with a whole host of board game titles.



Check out our COVID-19 page for updates on how we are progressing.



If any of this sounds interesting to you, please stop in at 5010 Davis Lant Drive in Evansville, IN, near Lynch and Green River Road. We hope to see you at our shop where "The Guild Knows Games."




Monday 11am-9pm

Tuesday 11am-9pm

Wednesday 11am-9pm

Thursday 11am-9pm

Friday 11am-9pm

Saturday 11am-9pm

Sunday 11am-9pm