Spire: The City Must Fall RPG- Conspiracy Handbook

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A Spire sourcebook containing everything you need to build a campaign of parasite conspiracies.

This slim volume contains rules and guidance on making your own bespoke secret society using some of the non-player characters and locations detailed within.

Each character and location has been lovingly illustrated by Rowan MacColl.


This sourcebook contains characters such as:

Cacophony Gryndel, an amorous widow whose hobbies include sponsoring revolutionary organisations
Brigadier Arneau Destera, a decorated war hero desperate to dethrone the Council
Maji Levecha, an unmasked high elf in charge of a non-Euclidian getaway elevator
Professor Margot Arkemton, a gnoll scholar visiting Spire thanks to some truly labyrinthe visa permissions
Father Gavel, an itinerant priest of the god of Breaking and Entering
Captain Calvy Lejeune, a teenager who was put in charge of a city guard garrison as a joke

Each NPC has sets of tables packed with motivations, flaws, leverages, assets and associates to help build a scenario with an emphasis on investigation and player choice; once everything’s set up, it’s up to your players to infiltrate and subvert the organisation to their own ends.