Spire: The City Must Fall RPG- Book of Masks

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A lavishly illustrated book of 20 stylish, innovative and practical masks for sale in the city of Spire.

Want to look your best when you’re stepping out on the Silver Quarter? You’d best not forget your mask – after all, being near a high elf with an uncovered face is tantamount to a grave insult.

Be stylish and appropriate with this catalogue of the latest and greatest masks available to the drow and aelfir of Spire. Written in-character by master masktress herself Lysk Thin-Hands-Scratching, and illustrated by internet superstar Iguanamouth.


This book features 20 different masks, with full-colour illustrations, detailed background and in-game rules. The masks include:

The mysterious and bewitching Double-Mask, which is two masks in one
The Excision Mask, which is made out of the client’s peeled-off facial skin
The Vizard Intravenous, which ensures the wearer is continually dosed up on narcotics
The Focus Mask, which corrects unslightly drow ears and weak drow noses
The Thunderhelm, which has a big gun in it