Pathfinder RPG, 2e: Lost Omens Travel Guide, Special Edition

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See the scenic Inner Sea with the Lost Omens Travel
Guide! This book is your companion to the culture, life, and sights of
the Inner Sea, guiding you through a variety of topics of interest. With
this book, you can learn about Inner Sea cuisine and art, experience
the thrills of Inner Sea sports, and uncover the secrets of Inner Sea
myths and magic. The Travel Guide features dozens of illustrations to
show you the fine details of the latest fashion or put you into the
center of one of the Inner Sea's greatest festivals. Come learn
everything about the Inner Sea and prepare yourself for a journey
through an unforgettable region with the Lost Omens Travel Guide!
This deluxe special edition is bound in faux leather with metallic deboss cover elements and a bound-in ribbon bookmark.
by: Rigby Bendele, Katina Davis, Dana Ebert, Dustin Knight, Aaron
Lascano, Ron Lundeen, Stephanie Lundeen, Ianara Natividad, Dave Nelson,
Jessica Redekop, Nathan Reinecke, Mikhail Rekun, Erin Roberts, Simone
Sallé, and Diego Valdez!