Heart: The City Beneath RPG- Map and Sticker Set

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Fold-out maps and stickers to make your own City Beneath.

Plot your journey into the City Beneath with this beautiful fold-out hex-map and sticker set illustrated by Heart artist Felix Miall. The map itself is large enough to run several campaigns on (assuming you don’t mind revisiting old landmarks to see how they’ve changed and evolved) and the stickers allow your group to make their own version of the Heart with ease.

The map is printed on thick cardboard (akin to a board game) and is 45cm square when unfolded. Each is supplied with two sheets of hex-shaped stickers – a mix of landmarks (each themed after one of the game’s Domains) with a blank space to write a name, and connections to stitch them together.

This map makes a beautiful centrepiece for your game of Heart, and allows your players to quickly plot out routes and get their bearings in the chaotic environs of the City Beneath.