Fall of House Gormangeist

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You and fellow Archons recently received a mysterious invitation delivered by a strange hooded creature making odd clanking noises. 

Filigreed and Æmber-lettered, it graciously asks that you attend an event of no small magnificence at an old estate near Diremouth, a distant, mostly forgotten part of the Crucible. It seems suspicious. Yet the invite is strangely alluring, and there is the promise of Æmber. 

After traveling to the gloomy neglect that is Diremouth, you find yourself on the doorstep of the ancient House Gormangeist, and on the threshold of dark things to come. 

KeyForge: Adventures is a series of unique cooperative game modules in which one to three players work together to overcome some great challenge or danger to the Crucible and its denizens. 

To face the challenge inside each KeyForge: Adventure, each player must use a standard 36-card KeyForge deck, a set of keys, and sufficient tokens and counters from their own collection (i.e. sold separately).