Big Top

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Releases 3/15/24

Hire the wildest and most wonderful acts to attract crowds of spectators. In this fast paced auction game you’ll be bidding on show-stopping acts for your Big Top to draw in the crowds. Beware - each winning bid will make your competition that much richer. Even the attractions you’ve already won will affect bids in future auctions. For those attractions to score, fill in all their circles by bidding specific amounts in future auctions.

  • An auction game with a clever new idea. Winning the card is step 1 and using the numbers on the card to make future bids is step 2.
  • A new auction game with the feel of a true classic like Ra or Modern Art. 
  • Dynamic player interaction as the number you bid even if you lose the auction matters as much as the winning bid.
  • Gorgeous art from The Mico creating a wonderfully illustrated circus world.