Magic the Gathering - Buy - Sell - Trade - Play

Magic the Gathering is huge at the Gaming Guild.  Players can bring in their card collections to play test, build decks, or trade.  You are always free to trades cards with other players, but the Guild will give store credit or cash for Magic cards as well.  Our staff is always willing to discuss ideas if you are trying something new.  We also have ways for you to try out your decks in some of the events we run weekly (see below) in the store game area:
  • Tuesday:  Casual Commander/Brawl Night starting at 4:30pm.
  • Thursday: Thursdaddy Wizard Duels is a group of players that have organized their own tournament structure and play at the Gaming Guild. They rotate primarily between Cube draft and Standard constructed every Thursday night. Check out their schedule of events here. The buy in is in two Standard packs.
  • Friday:  Standard - Friday Night Magic (FNM) with a 1 pack per entrant prize pool and FNM promos starting at 6:30 pm with $3 entry. Booster Drafts are also popular on Friday nights and will start as soon as 8 people sign-up.  The Booster Draft entry fee includes the 3 packs for drafting and 1 pack into the prize pool per entrant. We also have many players playing side games of Commander and Brawl.
  • Saturday:  Saturday is reserved for special events. The usual event is the Magic League starting at 3 pm, which is a Standard constructed event. We regularly host other special events on Saturday including:  pre-releases, Magic Leagues.

Check the Event Calendar for other upcoming events and signup for Magic events online here.

Call us at 812-401-0324 for any questions about events and check us out on Facebook.