Tamashii: Stretch Goals-Lost Pages

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This box includes new bodies, new district tiles, and four-legged companions who help you in exploring the world.

You also get new scenarios and bosses. Another functionality is the new “Living City” mechanic. Living city are random events that will diversify the game and affect specific locations.

  • EXPAND YOUR TAMASHII EXPERIENCE: Unlock an array of exciting stretch goals with the Lost Pages expansion, enhancing your Tamashii adventures.
  • UNVEIL LOST SECRETS: Delve into the mysteries of the Lost Pages, revealing hidden lore, powerful artifacts, and captivating characters.
  • NEW ADVENTURES AWAIT: Embark on thrilling quests with additional scenarios and challenges, offering endless hours of immersive gameplay.
  • ENRICHED ARTWORK & CONTENT: Immerse yourself in the enriched artwork and content of Lost Pages, crafted with attention to detail.
  • FOR TAMASHII ENTHUSIASTS: Perfect for Tamashii enthusiasts and collectors, this expansion elevates the excitement of the gaming experience.