Spire: The City Must Fall RPG- Strata

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Delve deeper into the strange world of Spire with this full-length sourcebook. Winner of the Silver ENnie award for Best Art, 2020.

Strata is a full-length sourcebook for the Spire roleplaying game.

Written by Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor, and with ten scenarios from a wide variety of other authors, Strata gives more details on the best and worst that the city of Spire has to offer.


Two new classes: the purple-prose black-magic pulp fiction occultist Inksmith and the multifaceted and fractured Shadow Agent
Extra advances for any class: such as the flower-skinned Druid of the Living Spire, the muckraking Gazetteer, the sigil-scrawling Children of the Runestack and the language-hunting Lexicutioners
Ten scenarios (detailed below), allowing you to start a campaign of Spire easier than ever
More details on the richest and poorest parts of Spire: the shadowed and fecund Garden District, the decrepit grandeur of Ivory Row, the nightmare industrial bowels of the works, the alien luxury of Amaranth, and more
Beautiful full-page, full-colour artwork from Adrian Stone throughout

Strata requires a copy of the Spire RPG to use the rules and setting within to the best effect.