Paranoia RPG

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Paranoia Core Book

This is one of those rulebooks that’s fun to read and even more fun to play. Paranoia does not take itself seriously, so we can find dark humour in bureaucracy, politics, businesses, and a lot more. No sacred cows but one–make sure the GM and players are all having a great time. Is that not refreshing for a roleplaying game? Maybe that is why this science fiction RPG has won lots of awards over the years.

Paranoia Gamemaster's Screen

Complete with important tables and charts, all ready to be ignored, the new Paranoia Gamemaster’s Screen is constructed from quality heavy-weight cardstock that will stand the ravages of gaming over many years. It is definitely not constructed from the remains of disloyal Troubleshooters who were used as reactor shielding.

The Accomplice Book

Of course, the Paranoia Core Book is perfect. Maybe even the perfectest. But you know what would make that even more perfecter? A companion book! But since this is Paranoia, it is called the Accomplice Book.

Paranoia Computer Dice

Contains 9 Computer Dice with Treason Stars.