ISS Vanguard: Galatic Almanac

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Offers expanded immersion with extra story and worldbuilding alongside art from the game.

  • IMMERSIVE WORLD EXPLORATION: Dive deep into the universe of ISS Vanguard with 120 pages of captivating art and enriched storytelling.
  • EXPANDED STORY DETAILS: Offers an extensive exploration of the ISS Vanguard universe, perfect for fans seeking a deeper understanding of the game’s lore.
  • STUNNING ARTWORK COLLECTION: Features a vast array of artwork from the game, showcasing the creative brilliance behind ISS Vanguard's universe.
  • ESSENTIAL FOR COLLECTORS: A must-have for Awaken Realms enthusiasts and ISS Vanguard collectors, adding value to your game collection.
  • HIGH-QUALITY ART BOOK: Crafted with care, this 120-page art book is both a visual feast and a comprehensive guide to the game's expansive world.