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Groundbreaking RPG that teaches American Sign Language (ASL) as you play! 200 pages including: - A history of the Islands and their inhabitants. - Pendragon character creation. - Sign language tutorials, including Deaf awareness tips and a strong introduction taking you from the fingerspelling alphabet to your first conversations. - A fun 3d6 dice rolling system. - How to run sessions as the Grail Guide and plan Questing Days using storytelling archetypes. - A host of worldbuilding inspirations, including vibrant locations, ways of earning Belief, festivals, famous Friends and foes and a menagerie of fae creatures. - A starter Questing Day: ‘Friends in High Places'. - Stunning full-colour illustrations from cover to cover, featuring dozens of diverse characters and a myriad of creatures, locations and intricate knot art. - Dyslexia friendly fonts to prioritise accessibility. - Sensitivity reading and safety tools, including a consent questionnaire, reflection mechanic and X card. - Full colour or B&W versions of the Pendragon sheet, and sign language material.