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In this interactive, story-based puzzle book for the whole family, you embody Eppi, but also get the chance to play different characters as the game progresses. That's even necessary, because helping Eppi requires the combined wit and ingenuity of the entire Bowline family - from baby Manni to Grandma Tara. The game works very much like a point & click computer game.

The best thing is: if you are witty, you can do it all alone but you can gather YOUR whole family to help! Read the story aloud, dive into the puzzles and who knows - will Eppi make it to the stars with your help?

  • EMBARK ON AN INTERACTIVE ADVENTURE: Step into the shoes of Eppi and become part of a captivating story where you'll also play various characters as the game unfolds.
  • FAMILY-FRIENDLY FUN: Eppi is designed for the entire family, encouraging teamwork and creativity as you solve puzzles and unravel the story together.
  • POINT & CLICK INSPIRED: Enjoy a gameplay experience reminiscent of point & click computer games, where your wit and ingenuity are key to success.
  • SOLO OR FAMILY PLAY: Whether you choose to tackle the challenges solo or gather your whole family for an epic adventure, Eppi offers entertainment for all ages.
  • REACH FOR THE STARS: Join Eppi on a quest that might just lead to the stars themselves - your decisions and teamwork will determine the outcome!