Cyberpunk RED: Combat Zone - Bozos Starter

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In the time of the Red, every city has a Combat Zone: an area of the city where the law doesn't reach and cyber-enhanced gangs fight for control over the streets.The Bozo gang are bio-sculpted nightmares, surgically altered to look like twisted versions of old circus clowns, complete with actual bulbous red noses, outrageous hair, and long flat feet. This killer clown gang delights in sadistic and deadly pranks, twisting their victims fears into cruel traps. This box includes all the miniatures and cards you need to field a complete gang in your games of Combat Zone. Box Includes: 7 Bozos Miniatures - 13 Bozos Character Cards - 1 Bozos Scenario Card - 5 Program Cards - 21 Bozos Objective Cards - 35 Bozos Gear Cards - 40 Bozos Loot Deck Cards