Flesh and Blood: Armory Events

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Flesh and Blood Armory Events happen every Saturday at The Gaming Guild! Armory Events are a great place to start for new Flesh and Blood players!

Where: The Gaming Guild, 5010 Davis Lant Dr. Evansville, IN

When: Mondays at 5:30PM

Blitz Format Structure: Blitz is a fun and fast way to play Flesh and Blood. It's the recommended constructed format for social gaming.

A Blitz deck contains up to 52 cards, being:

  • 40 cards you will shuffle up and start the game with in your deck zone.
  • Up to 11 inventory cards (weapons and equipment) you will choose from during start of game procedure (see below).
  • 1 young hero card you play as!

A deck may contain up to 2 copies of each unique card. A card is unique if it has a different card name or pitch value from any other card.

Matches will be Best of 1 and round time will be 30 minutes.

Follow this link for more info about Blitz!

Draft Format Structure: You will be given 3 booster packs to pick cards from (draft) and construct a 30 card deck out of the cards you draft from those packs. You will keep these cards after the event ends. tokens will be pooled for all players to pull from for their characters, equipment, etc.

Follow this link for more info about draft!

Sealed Format Structure: Players open 6 booster packs and use the contents to construct a 30-card minimum deck (not including hero, weapon, and equipment cards). Note - it’s during the start of game procedure that the exact 30 cards (minimum) are chosen. Typically, a player will change a small number of cards in their deck based on the hero they are about to play against. A deck may only contain Generic cards and cards with the same class as your hero card. Tokens will be pooled for all players to pull from for their characters, equipment, etc.

Follow this link for more info about sealed!

Prize Support: Pack per round win, Current Armory Event promos, FAB XP, and door prizes based on attendance.

What is An Armory Event? Armory Events run weekly in local game stores across the world, and are usually Classic Constructed, Booster Draft, or Sealed Deck. They award cold foil prize cards, such as iconic weapons, and extended art promos of popular cards. Each month, Armory Event stores receive one special "Peoples Champion" play mat to award to a person bringing positive energy to the FAB community in that store!

How do you play Flesh and Blood? Armory events are casual events and a great place to start learning! If you missed our learn to play day, no problem! Ask about the intro decks the next time you are in the shop. You can also find a lot of awesome resources on the Flesh and Blood website: Learn to play now