Warhammer 40k Wrath & Glory RPG: Threat Assessment Xenos

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Explore the first Bestiary book released for Wrath & Glory! Threat Assessment: Xenos introduces background information and history of each of the six main Xenos factions active in the Gilead System in a comprehensive and detailed 192 page book.

Featuring new rules and advice on creating and introducing battlefields, these combat hotzones are the ideal environment to introduce the many new Xenos threats featured in Threat Assessment: Xenos. With additional accompanying hazard tables to bring these to areas to life in your games alongside a comprehensive Bestiary with hundreds of new threats, wargear and abilities.

Threat Assessment: Xenos is the first in a collection of bestiaries for Wrath & and Glory, containing a wealth of new and exciting GM information and deadly enemies.

Threat Assessment: Xenos is the essential companion piece for bringing the most dangerous and deadly Xenos threats to your Wrath & Glory games.

Format: Hardcover.

Page Count: 192 pages.