Tsuro: Phoenix Rising

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You are a powerful Phoenix racing through the night sky transforming lanterns into brilliant stars, replacing those stolen by vengeful gods! Tsuro: Phoenix Rising™ is a new entry in the classic Tsuro series. The game shares the foundations of the venerable original: play tiles, follow your path, and be aware of your surroundings, but it introduces a revolutionary game board that allows for the double-sided Path tiles to flip and rotate throughout the game, creating diverging paths and opening up new strategies. 

In Tsuro: Phoenix Rising™ 2-8 players each control an agile Phoenix. Each turn, you will create a path in front of your pawn by placing a new tile, or by flipping and rotating the tile in front of you. As you follow your path, you will reach lanterns and score them as star tokens. As a Phoenix, you have the power to be reborn from the ashes once per game use this ability to return in a strategic position that will allow you to score multiple stars! The player who collects seven stars creating a new constellation or is the last Phoenix alive - wins the game! 


  • 4 Sky tray pieces 
  • 36 double-sided Path tiles 
  • 1 Phoenix tile 
  • 8 Phoenix pawns 
  • 7 Lantern markers (3 Red / 2 each of Blue and Yellow) 
  • 50 Star tokens 
  • 8 Life tokens 
  • 1 First Player marker 
  • Game Rules