Superfight: Core Deck

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A party game of super powers and super problems. The game is all about arguing with your friends about ridiculous fights.
In Superfight, Skybound`s wildly popular party game of absurd arguments, players use cards to generate ridiculous characters and then argue about who would win in a fight. From this 500-card core deck, you might have a T-rex with laser eyes VS. Bruce Lee made of steel, or a pirate swinging a shark on a chain VS. a kindergarten class that breathes fire!
The core deck contains 500 cards. 170 characters (white cards), and 330 powers and weaknesses (black cards). Players use a hand of three white cards and three black cards, and choose one of each to beat the player next to them. Then they get a random black card before fighting. Players then argue their case for why they should win, and the table votes.

  • Age: 10 years and over
  • Players: 3-8
  • Play time: 30 minutes
  • Approx dimensions: 16 x 10 x 6 cm