Pathfinder RPG: For the Hive

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Bzzercup the bee sprite has a problem! Chuft the bad luck gremlin and his paper wasp minions (made from real paper!) have conquered her fairy bee hive and are holding the queen hostage! The only way for the PCs to help Bzzercup solve her big problem is to get small! With help from the local wizard’s apprentice the party can shrink down to the size of insects, take the fight to Chuft, and learn something about bees along the way!

For the Hive is a stand-alone adventure for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and 2nd to 3rd level characters. Recommend for ages four and up, this module mixes adventure and education. As the PCs help Bzzercup the players will be learning all about European honeybees, some of the most important insects on the planet!

Our first full length Fun & Facts adventure introduces another of our tiny heroes, Owen, and is dedicated to Owen KC Stephens, his mother, and all the many parents who make learning fun! Much thanks to Stan! for providing us the most adorable child Owen possible!

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