Anime 5E RPG – Pocket Edition

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The Anime 5E Pocket Edition is the ideal entry point into the game for backers who are looking for a smaller, portable book format at half the price of the standard full-colour hardcover edition. Printed in the familiar manga-sized dimensions on a textured uncoated paper stock, the Anime 5E Pocket Edition weighs in at a hefty 384 black-and-white pages. Most of the content from the regular hardcover edition is included in this alternate format – including all rules, races, and classes, and monsters – using a slightly smaller font size and fewer illustrations. Chapter 12 from the regular edition, which provides player and DM guidance, has been omitted to keep the page count (and thus cost) lower. Use the Anime 5E Pocket Edition solo as your primary game book, or as an additional inexpensive reference copy for your gaming table.