Star Wars Events

Star Wars games have grown to have a large following at the Gaming Guild. We host events for these games regularly.

Star Wars X-wing Miniatures

Star War X-wing is a pre-painted miniatures game that is easy to learn and fun to play. Typical play is done through small scale space battles of 2-4 ships per round played on a 3x3 mat. If you want to feel like you are piloting a ship from Star Wars, then this is the game for you. We host a regular meetup nights on Monday and Thursday nights at 6:00 to give players a chance to meet and play. Also, League play is available for those who are interested in organized play events. Staff members are on hand to help instruct new players on how to play. Stop by and check us out today.

Special 2.0 Launch

We will be running a Flight Training for 2.0 on Friday September 14 from 1-8. There will be staff on hand to teach you the rules of X-wing and be available to discuss questions about purchases. There will be product available for your use or you can bring your own. This is a FREE event.

Saturday September 15th Release Event

This will be a unique, casual release event unlike any other we have hosted previously for X-wing. We will be using the Quick Build lists exclusively for this event, which will help level the playing field for our veterans and new players alike. A Threat Level 6 is applicable for this event, and the event entry fee will be $10.  In addition to entry into the event, you also receive either 1) $5 in store credit or 2) FREE entry into our first season of in store League Play for X-wing 2.0. On top of this, we will have exclusive promos available for all participants.

What is a Quick Build List?

Quick Build Lists provide X-wing 2.0 players with a new style of limited play.  Players choose from a variety of pre-built squad lists that come in the Core sets and Expansion packs.  Players may select their squads appropriately, based on the Threat Level for the event.  For example, buy a Core Set and a Tie Advanced and you have all you need to fly as Darth Vadar with two Tie Fighters for your wingmen.  Feel free to shoot us any questions you may have!

    Star Wars Destiny

    Star Wars Destiny is a Trading Card Game has grown significantly since it launched. We host in store play every Tuesday night starting at 5:30. This is event is for people to learn to play and find new players to play with. There are ample opportunities to learn the game if you are new to it. Click here for more details.


    Star Wars Role-Playing Games

    There are currently three different Star Wars Role Playing Games supported by the Gaming Guild: Edge of the Empire, Age of the Rebellion, and Force and Destiny. Each of these offer unique ways of exploring the worlds created by George Lucas and continue to grow under Disney.