Magic the Gathering

Theros Beyond Death Pre-Release

$ 35.00
Theros Beyond Death Pre-Release

This registers you for the Theros Beyond Death Magic the Gathering Pre-Release hosted at the Gaming Guild on January 17-19.  We will host both single player and two-headed giant events over the course of the Pre-Release weekend, so check out all of our events.

The Pre-release packs consist of 6 sealed booster packs, a die, and a promotional foil rare/mythic card. Each player uses the cards pulled from the booster packs and basic lands provided by the Guild to build the best 40 card (minimum) deck that they can.  After several rounds of the play, packs will be awarded based on number of wins or to the top players.  Number of total packs awarded will be based on attendance.  Sign-up today to guarantee your spot for your selected Pre-release.

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