Warhammer 40K League

$ 20.00
Warhammer 40K League

This purchase signs you up for Warhammer 40K League that will take place at The Gaming Guild. This event uses ITC Standard rules format and is run using the Tabletop TO organizer software located at You will need to create an account with Tabletop TO prior to signing up, then you will be sent a League invite. Match pairings and rounds are created through the software with results tracked for who will compete in the finals.

There will be four games played over an 8 week span. The first two games are 1500 points with no lords of war, while the last two games are 2000 point games with lords of war included.

Prizes include store credit based on attendance. The League event is ongoing with new leagues starting approximately every 10 weeks. Each participant also receives $10 in promo credit that can be used for any product on the promo racks in store. Credit must be used at some during the duration of the League.

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